The Realest Person I Know.

Every time we shoot together for someone else, Shamita has to, I mean HAS TO try out all her new makeup things on me while there’s a serious shoot in progress! – Its inevitable, that she loves what she does, and I love being her test subject for highlighters and cheek tints! This ‘real person makeup artist’ is someone I call ‘The Flawless Perfectionist’, and my truest best friend and sister!

Shamita and I have been friends ever since ‘ever since’ began! We went to the same school, our families are related weirdly, and we pretty much grew up together doing very non-girly (me), non-childlike things (her, for most part) haha!

School was fun, life was simple, Shamita was the IT girl; boyfriends et all (I love you, Shammy, but its true, you had it ALL – even that stupid sweater you almost killed me about!) – Funny story about ‘THE SWEATER’ – Shamita was always surrounded by minions. We were never in the same class, but family ties and what nots compelled us to meet every lunch break. So, yup, THE SWEATER STORY – oh boy! Shamita had this fancy-ass sweater she’d got from lord knows where, I’m going to say Hong Kong. She too prides in its fanciness, and so did her minions.

One day at lunch, little me went up to meet cousin Shammy, and the Sweater ruined my life that day! I happened to gently tug at it to ask her a question because she was so involved in a nonsense conversation, and what happens next was something a twelve-year-old wouldn’t expect – Miss Thang went to town on me saying “what the F***, DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN – D-O-N-T you E-V-E-R touch my sweater!” – yup, yup strong words for not-even-teen. I think I cried – I can’t remember, but we didn’t speak for a while after (haha, like four days, or something).

Today, look at us! We’ve got our ducks in a row and she’s doing so well for herself and the once not-so-patient Shamita Gogia is one of the most patient, kind, loving and nurturing people you’ll ever meet! She’s refreshing at every word, and she is someone I love so dearly and look up to so much! We’ve grown up together and I couldn’t fill a library up with books about our childhood even if I wanted to – there’s been so much and so many times to talk about. To me, she’s the Realest REAL!

Photographs: Neha Chandrakant