Life intrigues me and so do people and their idiosyncrasies. Nothing ferments the mind as does travel. Shapeshifter is a conduit for me and it brings to the page, my thoughts, words and most importantly, my experiences.

I, for one, love a great story. What is an experience if you can’t spread it fresh over your *page* as one would spread soft butter over a scone straight out of the oven? I dream of places I’ve never been to, of people I’ve never met, and I want to fit into their lives even if just for the day.

The whole idea of Shapeshifter came to me as I found myself evolving – in style, in confidence, in love, in life – you get the drift.

Growing up form the best memories of my life – I find that I am still growing and learning everyday. I want to bring palpably to my readers an experience, the way I have seen it unfold around me when I shoot at locations. I want everyone to feel with me as they read, I want to make this as real and relatable as possible as it unfurls.

I dream of a day when even the most mundane reality dazzles me enough to write about it and I transmit it to you in twinkling words, both black and blue, and within our own unique bond,